Project 365: #45-#51

Chicagoland and Lake Michigan

Date taken: December 8, 2006

#45: An aerial view of Chicagoland, northern suburbs to be more precisely with a glimpse of the city skyline in the upper left corner. This was a flight from San Francisco and we must’ve had to wait quite a bit before landing, because there was no other reason to find ourselves that far northeast of the city (and O’Hare airport).

Willie in the tree

Date taken: December 9, 2006

#46: I spent Saturday on campus at Northwestern working. This is Willie, Northwestern’s mascot, in a tree that the staff in the Communication Studies Department office put up to celebrate the season. Note the baes of the tree: it’s our School of Communication T-shirt.

Friend's multimedia system

Date taken: December 10, 2006

#47: A friend had just gotten this wonderful flat-screen TV installed. I liked the contrast of the warm yellow walls and the dark gadgets on the wall.

The disappearance of the Sears Tower

Date taken: December 11, 2006

#48: The weather was pretty yucky in Chicago on the Monday of my visit. I had just gotten off the Metra (coming from Glenview) and was walking toward the El. I passed by the Sears Tower and found it intruiging in the clouds.

Happy Birthday ballooon on airplane

Date taken: December 12, 2006

#49: I was busy running around on the last day of my visit and didn’t have too many opportunities to take out my camera. Luckily, on the flight back, there was a kid in the row behind mine who had a birthday balloon with him. This being just a few days before my own birthday, I thought a picture of Elmo in the airplane would work well for the day. In the end, Elmo was also present at my birthday party a few days later where we played Pin the nose on Elmo.

Green carpet

Date taken: December 13, 2006

#50: Yahoo! Answers was celebrating its first birthday on this day and I managed to go to the party for an hour despite various other commitments that evening. The place was nicely decorated in green. The blur in this photo is just as well given how much running around I did that day. The party was fun and as usual, they handed out some fun swag.

Leaf-wrapped salmon

Date taken: December 14, 2006

#51: On Thursday, I was over at some friends’ for dinner. We got to eat some very tasty leaf-covered salmon.

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