Captions sought

My brother just sent me this picture of my nephew:

Last in has to get out on his own

My first reaction was that I laughed. The second was that I started coming up with possible captions for it (here’s one). It seems like a natural for a caption contest. I’m not holding a contest as I have nothing to give away, but I still invite you to suggest a caption, you know, just for the pure amusement, glory and fame associated with participation. As my brother kindly pointed out to me, my nephew is the one on the left, Pooh is on the right, fyi.

2 Responses to “Captions sought”

  1. Chris Says:

    How about

    “Oh, bother. We get stuck even in these newfangled hunny pots.”

  2. scott Says:

    “WHOA! There’s Halloween candy in here!”