Smith Graduation
Ten years ago tomorrow (19th), I graduated from college. This weekend, I’m going back to reunite with fellow Smithies and see campus again. I’ve been back lots (last time in August) so it’s not as though I don’t remember the place. But it’s always nice to have a reason to visit.

In honor of the occasion, I have posted a few photos from ten years ago.

5 Responses to “10”

  1. Steph Says:

    Hi Eszter, I’m gonna be in northampton this weekend too. maybe i’ll see you at herrell’s! irght now i’m in montreal, so you see others hav big travel plans too, though i agree that your travel schedule is more hectic.

  2. eszter Says:

    Let me guess, you’re @ AAPOR.:) Would be fun to see you in Noho.

  3. Beth Says:

    Looking forward to catching up with you – I brought photos from sr. year and some from JYA with me.:)

  4. Katie Says:

    Looks like you made it back in one piece after your whirlwind weekend! Great to see you at our 10th – I’ll send you a link to my pics too when I’ve got them online. Chat soon!

  5. Amy Says:

    Hi Eszter,

    Sorry I missed you at reunion! I got there on Sat a.m. and heard that you’d already left for a wedding. I hope that we can catch up soon!