Hungarian commercials from the 80s

How random: YouTube’s hosting a bunch of Hungarian TV ads from the 80s. Here is one I even remember. It was for a big department store that still exists. It’s hard to translate what the little guy is saying as it’s a nice play on words. The basic script: “I go in. I come out. I do so well when I go in.” – The play on words is that “I do so well” is based on the same word as “I come out”. I doubt this makes much sense, but that’s how iit goes and it’s pretty clever in the original.

UPDATE: I’m adding another one that I remember. It’s for a bank (or the only bank at the time).


Some come to us, because they have money.
Some come to us, because they don’t have money.
Some understand money, that’s why they trust us.
Some don’t understand money, that’s why they trust us with it. [Works better in Hungarian.]
Some save, because that’s what they saw at home.
Some save, because that’s not what they saw at home.
There are some who haven’t yet come to us. This film is for them.

3 Responses to “Hungarian commercials from the 80s”

  1. Zoli Erdos Says:

    It made sense for me, but I suspect I’m in minority 🙂
    Thanks for finding it.

  2. jeremy Says:

    I find that most of my humor works much better when translated into Hungarian.

  3. eszter Says:

    Thanks, Jeremy, I’ll definitely have to try that out next time.:)