Links for 2006-03-08

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  1. scott Says:

    I love the drawing video! Although I can’t be the only one who was saying to himself “Draw an S. Draw a more different S. Close it up real good at the top for his head. Using consummate V’s, give him teeth, spinities, and angry eyebrows…” 🙂

  2. eszter Says:

    You’re funny, Scott! Interestingly, I didn’t have those thoughts at all. I was really curious to see what the artist was going to do and have no idea how I would go about drawing a horse so that may have made a difference. Perhaps if there had been a model he was working with (or one that we could see.. maybe he was working with something) then I would’ve reacted that way as well.

  3. BradFitz Says:

    Glad you guys liked the drawing video! I’m working on the next one as we speak. Sounds like I should record my voice and explain myself as I go… I’m wondering if there would be an interest in actual online, step by step “how to draw” videos… what do you think?

    And no, I didn’t have a model for the horse… it was all on the fly, so to speak.

    Thanks for the link Eszter!

  4. eszter Says:

    Brad, thanks for visiting. I think it would be an additional fascinating component to have some narration of your actions. I look forward to the next one!

    I’m not sure what you mean by step-by-step how-to-draw videos, I’m afraid. That is, how would those be different from what you had here? Would the pause between steps with explanations?

  5. BradFitz Says:

    Yeah sort of… almost like an instructional episode. Instead of just showing people how to draw, I actually teach them. Maybe along the lines of how Mark Kistler does it, but an online version, simplified in my own way. Maybe even a show for kids and adults. I think this might be a good idea if there’s a need.

  6. eszter Says:

    Brad, I’d certainly be interested in seeing one, so if you can find the time for it, I say go for it!:-)

  7. scott Says:

    Absolutely, I loved “Commander” Mark years ago on TV! This whole thing reminds me of my friend Heather who sometimes provides her art online such that you can literally play back the creation stroke-by-stroke via something called OpenCanvas. This is just for digitally-created stuff, I guess. She uses a drawing tablet attached to her computer.

  8. BradFitz Says:

    Cool! I’m going for it! :0) … and thanks for the favicon tip Eszter.

    Scott, thanks for the feedback.. do you have a direct link to one of Heather’s video demonstations?

  9. scott Says:

    I can’t quite find the downloadable file, but here’s an example of her art and a mention of OpenCanvas. Perhaps Heather herself can help me find a download again… I’ve watched one of these and was mesmerized by it.

  10. Heather Says:

    OpenCanvas (the program) is needed to watch these files. You can download the latest from They’re pretty darn big files too, so watch out. OC plays the event files well, but sometimes it will seem to freeze in these movies. That’s because I’m doing something in the background. Just be patient, and the movie will resume.