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  1. The Flogz Blog » Links from Micro Persuasion and others Says:

    […] And a blog I haven’t heard of called Eszter’s Blog. […]

  2. bryan Says:

    John Dvorak apparently doesn’t know how to do a lit review, because his statements in that PC Mag article are utterly ignorant of the amount of academic research that is being and has been done in the arena of internet and computers.

  3. eszter Says:

    He ends up addressing this to some extent in the comments:

    “That said I’d love to go to the Google Scholar and see what’s what. I can decode most of the BS having taken a lot of sociology in college myself. The problem is that almost everything in Google Scholar is locked down to everyone unless they are a professor from a school subscribing to the service. And I’m adverse to spending a lot of money to look through the library. I suppose I could go over to Berkeley and go on the system on campus, but that’s a hassle.”

  4. bryan Says:

    So let’s see: Academics aren’t doing research because I’m too lazy to go over to an academic library and look up actual social scientific research that’s being published in this arena? How this man keeps his job is amazing. Perhaps there’s a form of tenure at PCMag.

    Not to mention that his assertion that it’s all “locked down” is utter b.s. as well. I can point to at least three places that are totally open where he can find plenty of such research – Barry Wellman at U of Toronto has most of his academic output online and available at his web site. (the late) Rob Kling of the center for Social Informatics at Indiana has a good deal of material online. And the Journal of Computer Mediated Communication is entirely available online for the entire world. Give me an hour and I could probably dig up much more.