Unique photo gift ideas

Here is another Lifehacker feature for you by yours truly: Unique photo gift ideas. Note the kid illustration. That’s me.:) I decided to live out the 15 minutes of baby fame I never got back when. Once back at my machine, I’ll post the image on Flickr in full size and will add a link here, in case you’re curious.

UPDATE: I’ve posted the images: greeting card, movie poster.

2 Responses to “Unique photo gift ideas”

  1. scott Says:

    Neat ideas! It’s not directly related to the Flickr toys, but I wanted to mention that I was disappointed with the photo printing service integrated into Flickr itself. I ordered an 8×10 of an odd-sized image but when I went to Target to pick it up an hour later I found that they had cropped people off the sides instead of allowing a white border at the top and bottom. I ended up going back to shutterfly; they allow you to preview and even custom crop your stuff before it gets printed. (I’d have left this comment at Lifehacker,but apparently only cool people can comment there.)

  2. eszter Says:

    As I noted in the Lifehacker feature, I had a bad experience with Yorkphoto. It was basically the same issue: instead of leaving some white- or blackspace around my photo, they decided to crop it. That is so not okay. And since I had ordered 50 or so copies of that one photo, it was REALLY not okay!

    You are cool enough to comment on Lifehacker, an invitation with a code for commenting should be in your mailbox by now.:)