Disposable email addresses

If you have your own domain name and host it with a service that gives you unlimited email addresses then the following sites won’t be of much help. However, most people don’t have their own domains so these sites may be helpful.

The idea is that at times you may not want to give a site your real email address. These services give you temporary disposable addresses for use with sites that require an address for registration. Many people have junk email accounts that they use for nothing else but such registrations. However, at times it may be easier to cut all links with a site after you try it out.

The following sites help you with this.

2 Responses to “Disposable email addresses”

  1. Kevin Hutchinson Says:

    Could you consider adding http://www.mail-filter.com to the list of disposable email address services? It’s a similar service to the rest, but uses a spam scoring approach in combination with disposable addresses. This enables users to “turn up” the filtering for abused addresses, rather than switching them off completely – which can often be problematic.

  2. David Brake Says:

    also spammotel and (something I am trying) “yourname+sitename@gmail.com”
    Some sites will not accept that as a valid address but if they do it will work and deliver to your gmail account from which you can then filter it if it turns out to be spam.