Stata pride

I was using a computer on Princeton‘s campus earlier today (I’m blogging from the Hungarian Pastry Shop in NYC now though:) and noticed the following on the desktop upon login:

PU Desktop on SPSS vs Stata

In college I was taught statistics on SPSS (isn’t everybody?) and even in the first two years of graduate school I used it including the work for my second-year empirical paper [pdf]. Soon after, however, I started hanging out enough with people in Labor Economics to convert to Stata. And I am so glad I did. Since then, I’m quite sure that Princeton Sociology also uses Stata. So do other programs. (Not to mention some huge fans out there.)

For an inferior product to have the licensing fees that SPSS does, I am not sure how long they will rule all Sociology programs especially since Stata is starting to add some of the menu options that made SPSS more user-friendly for some.

One Response to “Stata pride”

  1. jeremy Says:

    But, now, the world seems to be moving quickly R-ward. I presume that SPSS will always have a large social science market share, but my presumption when I encounter work is that, if somebody is presently using SPSS for serious quantitative work, they probably don’t know what they are doing.