Subsidizing your donations

In the past couple of weeks I have posted two entries about donating to worthy causes. And this really is the season when you know organizations will be contacting you for money (if they haven’t already). I know I have given more this year than any other year previous. So wouldn’t it be nice to have that offset a little by a third-party?

Here is how this can work. It is not some crazy pyramid scheme, don’t worry. Instead, it is thanks to a bank with a very nice interest rate attached to its savings accounts. The bank is giving this money to people who sign up through referrals. The referrer – in this case hopefully me:) – also gets $10.

The bank is ING DIRECT. I opened my account with them through such a referral over a month ago. Everything went smoothly. They seem to have quite a security system implemented, which should help those who are not yet used to online banking.

Here are the specifics: You have to be a U.S. permanent resident or a citizen to take advantage of this offer. You will have to deposit at least $250.00 in the Orange Savings account to get the $25.00. You earn 3.50% Annual Percentage Yield on an FDIC-insured savings account with no fees, required minimums or service charges. In case you are wondering whether this is a good deal, take a look at what you are earning on your current checking or savings account. I suspect it is not even close to this amount. So with the $25.00 plus the additional money thanks to interest you will definitely come out ahead.

Send me a note if you are interested in receiving a referral from me. As I mentioned, you have to sign up through such a referral to get this deal. Plus that is the only way I will get the $10.00 so if you do pursue this I would appreciate having the opportunity to be your referrer.:) You then get two weeks to use the link in the email to sign up. Please only write if you really will sign up as I only get so many referrals. But yes, the process is completely confidential and I will not know who used the link in the end.

Once you have that extra cash, you can either put in your donations to EFF, Creative Commons or the charity of your choice. Or you can go out and buy some truffles for yourself. It is up to you.

UPDATE: I’ve gotten a few emails about this. People are either telling me that they already have an account (and are happy with it, fyi) or they have requested a referral. I’m posting this just as confirmation that this really is a good way to handle money you don’t have invested otherwise.

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