Better browsing

I’ve been a big fan of Firefox since last Fall and given its wonderful features (better security, all sorts of functionality) I try to do my best to encourage others to use it as well.

In that vein, I have put together a page with a list of my favorite extensions. Firefox extensions are little programs that add features to the browser. Some of my favorites include being able to search for a street address without having to retype the address or pull up a map first, tabbed browsing, better use of browser space, etc. I know some of these features are available in other programs as well, but it’s great to have it all come together so nicely in one program. Feel free to list additional favorites in the comments to this post.

I have also put together a detailed tutorial on how to install the program (on Windows) for those who do not feel comfortable downloading programs. Feel free to pass along these page to your parents, cousins, friends, etc.

This Webuse.Info site contains some additional information so to recap:


3 Responses to “Better browsing”

  1. Steph Says:

    Thanks, Eszter. I’ve heard a lot about extensions but I needed just this sort of introduction to get me started with them. I clicked on a couple that loo interesting, but I don’t understand if there are separate versions for Mac and Windows. Do you know?

  2. David Brake Says:

    Re Mac v Windows – I think unless otherwise specified that extensions work with both (plus Linux).

    In addition to what you have mentioned, scrapbook which saves pages permanently exactly as you see them and organises them within folders in your sidebar is kinda handy and GreaseMonkey is very handy indeed – it dynamically modifies the pages you see according to rules you set up (or rules you download as scripts). It’s one of those tools you can only grasp by playing around with it.

    Also note Favicon doesn’t work with 1.0.7 – only with the upcoming 1.5 beta…

  3. eszter Says:

    Steph – as David noted, unless otherwise specified, the extensions should work just fine regardless of OS.

    David – Favicon works just fine with FF 1.0.7. (I’ll check, but I’m quite sure that’s what I have installed on my laptop. I know for sure I do not have 1.5 beta installed there and it works great.)