Dancing with the Stars is back

I just realized that Dancing with the Stars is back and on tonight.
I only got to see one or two episodes over the summer, because, ironically, it conflicted with my dance classes. However, this Fall my club has Salsa classes on Tuesdays and I don’t like Salsa that much so I am not going to those classes. Thus: no conflict. (For those who are curious, my favorites are Cha-Cha and Samba, but I’m also taking West Coast Swing this term.)

2 Responses to “Dancing with the Stars is back”

  1. NB Says:

    Is it a repeat of the summer episodes? TiVo or some sort of DVR system does wonders when you have time conflicts and you can fast forward through commercials too :-), but then there is the danger of watching to much TV.

  2. eszter Says:

    Actually, it was just one rematch. I’m not sure who won by popular vote in the end, I’ve been too busy since to find out! In a few days I hope to get to it, in the meantime if you figure it out, let me know.:)