Starbucks espresso brownies – lose the fudge!

I don’t drink coffee so a store like Starbucks has much less appeal to me than to many others. I am also not fooled by most of their pastries. They tend to look good, but usually do not measure up in taste. (I have fallen for the looks enough times now to know better.)

There is one exception, however: the Starbucks Espresso Brownie Bar. Unfortunately, in the past few months I have noticed that they have added fudge on top. It is a really bad innovation (if you can even call it that). They have pretty much ruined an extremely good pastry. Yes, I can get dramatic when it comes to chocolate. I don’t like people messing with a good chocolate product.

It turns out that you can still get the fudgeless type in other markets. During my recent travels I have noticed them at various airports. But the store on my block only has the fudge type.

Maybe introducing the new version in some markets is their way of experimenting to see if the change holds up. If you’d like to join me in saving a perfectly good pastry then please send the company a note by filling out this form on their Web site.

One Response to “Starbucks espresso brownies – lose the fudge!”

  1. Bob Rosenberg Says:

    Eszter, I apologize for the delayed post, but the Legislature *just* reached sine die, so now I can catch up on some blogs.

    You like chocolate: So do I. My usual choice is Michel Cluizel 85% bars. The best price i’ve seen is a chocosphere dot com. Mmmm, Yummm!