Upcoming meetups

Now that Meetup has decided to start charging for its services, I wonder if Upcoming.org is going to take off. It seems like a promising service and many new features are being added these days. It’s not clear why it’s been so slow to spread. It seems it’s still lacking the necessary critical mass. It’ll be interesting to see how the recent additions of features to it and the changes at Meetup may influence its future.

One Response to “Upcoming meetups”

  1. Mark Smithivas Says:

    I don’t know. I think Meetup and Upcoming.org serve two different user bases. Meetup is more geared to facilitating face to face meetings of users of a certain interest area, while upcoming seems more like a web services calendar. I see upcoming as more of a threat to services like Evite, and also as an online analogue to events as furl and del.icio.us are to bookmarks. I’m much less interested in meeting other upcoming users in real life as I would another meetup user.