New E-LIST Archives

In December 2001, I started an email distribution list, “Eszter’s List“, with links to what I considered interesting Web sites and occasional musings on whatever I felt was worth a comment or two. I had been inspired by Phil Agre’s Red Rock Eater News Service. Phil sent out great batches of URLs. Of course, today, with millions of bloggers taking part in something similar it all sounds trite. But I continue to maintain the list – granted, the traffic has been extremely low recently -, because many of its subscribers don’t read blogs. There is still something to be said for the push aspect of email. Of course, for all I know, every one of the 500+ subscribers is just deleting my messages. But judging from the feedback, people still find it useful.

I have been trying to figure out a good way to archive the links. I used to post them on a Web page, but that was tedious. Eventually I realized that it would make sense to apply the convenience of blogging software to my list. I have set up the archives of the list using WordPress. Now it’s easily searchable. Previously that feature required a login.

Enjoy. And keep sending me interesting links!

2 Responses to “New E-LIST Archives”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nice blog. I just got mine started today. I hope it will look like this someday. Its just hard to keep finding fresh content

  2. Bob Rosenberg Says:


    Thanks for the interesting links! I *really* enjoy your updates.

    Please continue. ;~)