Good photo gallery program

I have been trying for too long now to find photo gallery software that meets all my needs. I wanted one that would run in UNIX, but after trying for months, I came up empty. (I almost posted a rave review of Gallery, but then it all collapsed and I decided it did not merit the reviews I was going to give it.) I have finally settled on a program to help me generate photo galleries.

The Web Album Generator is a really nifty little piece of software. It’s a Win program, which I realize will make it of limited use to some. But it’s the best I could find that is not too clunky, generates reasonable files, and allows for a decent amount of customization. I had tried a version a while back and had considered it but decided against it. Having found my way to its Web site again I decided to give the new version a try and was impressed. The author of the program also maintains a support forum where users can submit their wishes for future versions. Again, it’s a very user-friendly program – both in terms of the steps needed to generate an album and regarding the outcome – so I highly recommend it.

3 Responses to “Good photo gallery program”

  1. Kara Says:

    I haven’t had any problems w/ Gallery. I also haven’t been adding many pictures to it lately. Perhaps that will change. I like how it resizes everything for you!
    [I’d recommend as an online gallery for people who don’t have their own web site, or the knowledge to set one of these programs up.]

  2. eszter Says:

    The Web Album Generator very nicely resized pictures for you as well. (In fact, it also optimizes the original larger pictures if you wish.) What I liked about Gallery was that it organized the entire album, not just one album at a time. But oh well, it just wasn’t worth the effort it required in maintenance. By the way, I also tried to install Pictorialis, the WordPress photoblog program, but that didn’t work at all. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have enough of a critical mass (yet?) and it was very hard to find solutions to the problems I ran into .

  3. Steve Says:

    I used to use Web Album Creator, but then I found “HNM Web Gallery Creator” (…this has much more depth in terms of customization.