Around the Web in 80 minutes

A few noteworthy items as I catch up with other blogs.

  • Fox News in Arizona suggested in a report (aired twice) that students are committing an “unintentional felony” by registering to vote where they attend school. Hat tip Ms. Musings who provides helpful additional materials on the subject.
  • Ross reminds us that this is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and he is featuring question boxes in the upper left corner of his blog all month with helpful information.
  • From The New York Daily News (hat tip: ionarts):
  • Mayor Bloomberg had little sympathy yesterday for New Yorkers who find the new $20 admission to the Museum of Modern Art a bit steep.
    “Some things people can afford, some things people can’t,” said Bloomberg, whose estimated personal fortune is $4.9 billion.

  • Benigni is shooting a “comedy” about Iraq. (Hat tip: Nomad via Dove’s Eye View)
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