Family-friendly restrooms

Diaper-changing sign Family restroom sign I’ve been traveling a lot recently (four locations in the last week), which has given me new opportunities to find interesting gender signs. A twist on the topic I hadn’t explored much before is whether taking care of children is assumed to be a female responsibility. I found a couple of examples recently that suggested inclusivity. At the San Francisco airport, both men’s and women’s restrooms show a diaper-changing image. At JFK, there was a separate area for families.

FYI, the gender signs pool on Flickr has over 100 photos now. Don’t be shy, join in on the fun.

One Response to “Family-friendly restrooms”

  1. Cathie Grimm Says:

    Hi Eszter!

    I leave for (northern) England tomorrow – so I’ll keep my eyes open! Funny how now I almost look forward to all the restrooms I’ll encounter…hmmm..