Video with tags and comments

Reading the comments to this post on the Social Software Weblog I got inspired to try vSocial, a service that lets you embed videos easily into blogs posts, including social features attached to the video such as tags and comments others may have made on it elsewhere.

This video is more like an audio file with a nice image attached to it. I recorded it at a piano concert I attended during the World Science Forum in Budapest last month. The pianist is Gergely Bogányi, an extremely talented young artist. His concert in the main hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences kicked off the World Science Forum on November 9th.

Just in case the video above is not working, I have also put up a copy of it on Google Video.

3 Responses to “Video with tags and comments”

  1. David Brake Says:

    Thanks for bringing vSocial to my attention – it will likely turn out to be handy. I tried Vimeo but this looks more useful. I wonder what their business model is…

  2. Svetozar Minkov Says:

    Lovely. By the way, do you or anybody know the name of the composer?

  3. eszter Says:

    SM – I’m quite sure it’s Liszt and if I’m not mistaken, it’s his Rhapsody No.15 also known as the Rákoczy March.