Klezmer on Christmas Eve

More than once I have posted about klezmer concerts after they have happened. This time I am giving you enough time to plan accordingly.

On Christmas Eve, the 92nd St Y in NYC is hosting The Klez Dispensers and King Django’s Roots & Culture Band. I have mentioned the Klez Dispensers here before. They are great and the type of music they play at these concerts is really fun. In fact, I am told that there will be plenty of room for dancing so dress accordingly. Tickets are $13.50 (including service charge) and can be purchased on the Y’s concert site. Feel free to let me know if you are going, perhaps we can have a little CT meetup.

4 Responses to “Klezmer on Christmas Eve”

  1. s Says:

    NYC isn’t in my holiday plans, alas, but thanks for introducing me to the word “kelzmer.” (The fact that I’d never heard it before further solidifies my position as the World’s Worst Jew. Oy!)

  2. eszter Says:

    S, you have yet to say something that would get you even close to qualifying for that kind of a “tag”.

  3. ImaginaryGirl Says:

    I love Klezmer! What fun. I don’t think I’ll be in NY for Christmastime this year, but if I am, I’ll definitely go! Sure beats the Matzoh Ball (seeing as how I’m married now, it would probably be a bit inappropriate for me to go to that anyway, even if actually though those events were fun). 🙂

  4. ImaginaryGirl Says:

    Apparently I can’t type. I meant to say, at the end there, “even if I actually thought those events were fun.” Oops.