For geeks, revisited

Two years ago (almost to this day), I took the quiz “Which file extension are you?” and came out as a wildcard aka *.

Today, I came across the quiz again and remembering that it had been fun, I took it again. The results have changed:

You are .exe When given proper orders, you execute them flawlessly.  You're familiar to most, and useful to all.

In light of the various options, I think I’m happy with either of these results.

3 Responses to “For geeks, revisited”

  1. scott Says:

    Yikes. It doesn’t like me. “.SWF – You are flashy, but lack substance. You like playing, but often you are annoying. Grow up.”

  2. eszter Says:

    Oh no! I’m sorry.:( You could go back and redo the questions that you were hesitant about and see what you get if you pick your other preferences. (When I did that yesterday, I got the wildcard again. But I decided to go with the first result.)

    Well, it’s interesting to confirm that the various options do come up. I thought perhaps some of them are just there for show.

    It’s always intruiging to know how in the world they classified the various answer options. I wonder what makes you supposedly annoying. Please.

  3. Andrei Says:

    I’m an EXE as well.